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22 August 1970
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I am a photographer, corseter, costumer, leatherworker, woodworker, toymaker, and a million other things. I like to make things, I like to photograph them, and if you get a woman involved in the shot you've got me pegged.

This LJ account is about showcasing my art. While my primary focus is photography, I like to do a lot of different kinds of art and you'll frequently find things I've made in my photos as well. If you see something that interests you, give me a shout. If you're interested in posing or have shot ideas you'd like to see done, feel free to share and we'll see about collaborating on something. If it's something to be crafted and I don't already know how to make it, it's likely already on my list of things to learn OR I know somebody.

Enjoy your visit! Thanks for stopping by.